First class for Last birds – Cranchi 41

It is October, Summer is gone, most of tourists are gone and local people are starting to rule the streets. Only a few true life-loving-adventure-seeking-romance-enthusiasts can still be seen mingling with local people. They avoided summer rush and now they … Continued

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Yacht Charter Guide

Itinerary to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon – 31 NM Route The best choice for one day trip in Central Dalmatia is “hassle free” sailing from Split to Krknjaši and Maslinica. This is the area where you will realize how authentic, traditional, beautiful, tasty and live, Croatia … Continued

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We all felt Martin went above and beyond our expectations in ensuring our experience with Cro-yachting Charters was a great one. We will certainly recommend them especially to our many clients at our restaurant in Toronto,  who very often ask about traveling in Croatia.

Sincerely, Leo Spralja