First class for Last birds – Cranchi 41

It is October, Summer is gone, most of tourists are gone and local people are starting to rule the streets. Only a few true life-loving-adventure-seeking-romance-enthusiasts can still be seen mingling with local people. They avoided summer rush and now they … Continued

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Yacht Charter Guide

Town Hvar – Sun, Crickets, History and Party

There are few places in the world which could leave impressions on their visitors as town Hvar. It’s a place where tradition is almost intact and exists in symbiosis with modern way of life.  The town is located in a … Continued

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We all felt Martin went above and beyond our expectations in ensuring our experience with Cro-yachting Charters was a great one. We will certainly recommend them especially to our many clients at our restaurant in Toronto,  who very often ask about traveling in Croatia.

Sincerely, Leo Spralja