Fleet charter – Regatta experience

The ultimate sailing experience is exactly competitive sailing. It involves strength, knowledge, speed, risk, ingenuity and rivalry, but everything always ends with a huge amount of fun and with making new friendship. Doesn’t matter if you are a group of professional … Continued

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Yacht Charter Guide

Itinerary to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon – 31 NM Route The best choice for one day trip in Central Dalmatia is “hassle free” sailing from Split to Krknjaši and Maslinica. This is the area where you will realize how authentic, traditional, beautiful, tasty and live, Croatia … Continued

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This is really clever and responsible guy: he thinks on you, he cares on you, he is creative, initiative and fast responding. And calm. More than enough for successful manager in yachting and tourism business!
If he would decide to come to Montenegro to do business, I could say: Welcome Martin!
-Velibor Zolak