It takes two to tango

“IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO” – TWIN SAILING Book 2 same boat models and get 15% discount for bookings in April, May, June and October and 10% discount for bookings in July, August and September! (15% is max. discount)   Make your perfect match … Continued

Mrduja starts in…3…2….1

As every year on the last weekend of September, while marinas start to fill with first sailing yachts returned from long touristic season it is time for a first big gathering of sails. The same will happen again this year, approximately 300 sailing … Continued

Croatia as perfect scenography

Croatia is one of the most perfect choice for filming whether a movie, series or the most often commercial, if your goal is to get that unique Mediterranean looks, usually described as modern technology wrapped in a traditional ambient and easy-going … Continued

Fleet charter – Regatta experience

The ultimate sailing experience is exactly competitive sailing. It involves strength, knowledge, speed, risk, ingenuity and rivalry, but everything always ends with a huge amount of fun and with making new friendship. Doesn’t matter if you are a group of professional … Continued

Motor Sailor Lifestyle

Motor-Sailor Lifestyle  Motor-Sailor Lifestyle! Motor-Sailor Lifestyle is a group of vessels suitable for larger groups and families. They are capable to accommodate from 10 to 40 passengers and will provide you a unique experience while aboard. They mostly includes gulets … Continued

Luxury Motor

Luxury Motor  Luxury Motor! For those who want an extra touch for their special holiday, Cro Yachting offers a unique choice of luxury cruisings – well appointed and fully crewed. There is a huge different between luxury in general and … Continued

Joy under sails

Joy under Sails Joy under sails! Environmentally friendly, unique, romantic, healthy, memorable, unmatched, affordable and luxurious are words which can almost describe a beauty of sailing. Sailing is the art of controlling a boat with large (usually fabric) foils called … Continued

Daily Experience

Daily Experience Daily experience! First thing that comes to my mind when we speak about boats grouped in a category “daily experience” is: “romantic getaway”. There is no better word to describe this kind of experience but as romantic. Whether … Continued

18th Croatia Boat Show

Many years of experience, hard work and ambitious approach of organizators, have  provided this great manifestation in Split 18th time in a row. Once again, Split city port hosted the most beautiful and attractive yachts and boats together with the most important car companies, … Continued

Šibenik Fleet

A goal of Cro Yachting is to make boating accessible and suitable for everyone’s demands. Doesn’t matter if you want healthy, romantic, environmentally friendly, bareboat or crewed vacation aboard sailing yacht, or you want high level luxury and comfort, speed and … Continued

Cranchi 41 – Special Offer

Cranchi 41 Endurance is a revolution built around one main idea, and the idea was to be a classy day cruiser for up to 4 couples who want to enjoy a day on the water taking in the hot sun, cooling down … Continued

Offroad Quad Adventure

Being all the time in the same place during the vacation, sometimes just is not enough, and although there are numerous attractions to see, one day you just have to run away and do something different. Visiting museums, going to … Continued