Itinerary to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon – 31 NM Route The best choice for one day trip in Central Dalmatia is “hassle free” sailing from Split to Krknjaši and Maslinica. This is the area where you will realize how authentic, traditional, beautiful, tasty and live, Croatia … Continued

Šibenik for gold vacations

Šibenik is historic town in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia where the River Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Everyone who visited Šibenik had a similar comment, which was: “Šibenik is a place where you do not feel as a stranger at all”. And I would describe Šibenik … Continued

Luxury motor yacht getaway

Imagine how perfect would it be to spend, at least one day on some secret place where worries can’t reach you and only things that surrounds you are your close friends and family, sea, nature miracles and  luxury yacht you … Continued

Worlds largest sailing catamaran

SY “Hemisphere” Details: Hemisphere is the world’s largest luxury catamaran, and boasts the ultimate fusion of extravagance and dynamic performance. Launched in 2011, this stunning 44.2m (approximately 145 feet) sailing vessel was designed by renowned naval architects and multihull specialists … Continued

Western Split archipelago

  Split is political, cultural and historical center of Dalmatian region, with many road connections to continent, sea connections to islands and  links to main European cities via Resnik airport (20km from city center).  Real city center was Diocletian’s residence in … Continued

Discovering south of Croatia

Sea water effects the human body, health and beauty most beneficially. The sea contains micro-organisms, iodine, mineral salts, various medicinal matters, vitamins, magnesium, etc. It contains almost all natural elements, which makes it so unique. Minerals from the sea have … Continued