Have an awesome winter

Summer ending doesn’t mean that great time has to sop – no,no,no. Winter is time when real fun starts. There are less people then in the Summer, it is colder then in the Summer, but your vacation is more authentic, original, romantic and fun in general, especially fir those who like to avoid crowds and who like to enjoy on their own.


Winter Sailing

Although there are less boats sailing then in the Summer, those few which are under sails have an awesome time. Doesn’t matter if you are seeking for adrenaline, relaxation, training, romance, luxury or quality time with your loved ones, you can have it all under sails. From sailing on regatta, exploring sleepy destinations in Split archipelago to partying hard on few famous destinations still awake during a winter. And the best of all are afterseason prices, therefore there is no reason to miss opportunity to have your own glass of wine, in the evening, aboard a yacht  in the most romantic country in the world.

Extreme Winter Offshore sailing (January 2016th)



Luxury winter cruising

How to have a vacation which you’ll remember for life? Just come to Croatia, after season and climb aboard one of our featured luxury yachts. Our tailor made itinerary will get you the most from lovely colors of Croatian winter, perfect accommodation aboard a yacht will make you never want to leave us and our extra activities will make each day aboard a yacht unique and memorable. Instead of standing home  wasting your free time in one place because it is winter, you can wake up each morning on a different destination, each better the other. Summer has its benefits, but so does winter, and those are even better reason to visit  Croatia.

Princes V65 “Spice of Life”


Night Lights

Get you tailor made offer and start your Winter adventure in Croatia, get the attention you deserve.

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